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Campus Communications

How we relate to each other within Cal Poly is also of the utmost importance in presenting a strong, cohesive front and further promoting the brand. We have developed resources and tools to help you get your message out to our campus community.

Campus Portal Announcements

Do you have a timely announcement that you want to put in front of the entire campus community on the My Cal Poly Portal? A Campus Portal Announcement is a way to get important information to the entire campus community. 

Cal Poly Report

Want to know what’s going on around campus? Our weekly (monthly in the summer) Cal Poly Report features a selection of important announcements, events, Cal Poly News stories, and university job postings.  


Have an upcoming high-profile special event and want to spread the word? Reach out to our staff for help getting it on the campus-wide events calendar.  

Sponsored Portal Ads (SPA)

Sponsored Portal Ads are a convenient way to amplify your marketing efforts and advertise events, important dates to know, and other happenings to the campus community.