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Visual Identity

How we STand Out

The visual elements that make up our identity allow our audiences to see the authentic Cal Poly and differentiate us from other universities. Using these elements consistently reinforces and strengthens the brand story.

Cal Poly logo in wood along the Welcome Center desk

Cal Poly Logo and Marks

A key component of our visual identity, our logo acts as our signature and stamp of quality. Learn more about our logo and marks and access downloadable files including unit and department logo lockups.

View Logo Guidelines

Cal Poly brand color grid


Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. See our primary colors (Poly Green and Mustang Gold), as well as our secondary and accent colors.

View Color Guidelines

Examples of our three type faces: the letter A shown in Abolition, Utopia, and Source Sans Pro


Cal Poly has three official typefaces, chosen to create bold, distinct headlines and easily legible body copy for both digital and print applications. Learn about our typefaces and how best to use them.

View Typography Guidelines

Graphic in Poly green with 1901 element


Our graphics create a unique look and make us immediately recognizable. Used consistently, these elements create continuity among families of materials across campus publications and projects. 

View Graphics Guidelines

Three examples of brand photography.


Our photography illustrates Learn by Doing from all angles. Photos should feature engaged individuals and/or dynamic movement, demonstrating that our students will be Ready Day One. 

View Photography Guidelines

Email graphic

Email Signatures

Email signatures are meant to represent the digital version of your business card and are a reflection of the university. Learn how to create your approved email signature.

View Email Signature Guidelines