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An important component of our work is telling the story of Learn by Doing. We maintain two universitywide publications and use them to highlight the ongoing activities of our diverse and vibrant campus community.

Cal Poly Magazine

Our university magazine features three issues every year: a fall issue, a winter issue and a spring/summer issue. All issues are available online, and both the fall and the spring/summer issues come out in print. You may have seen those hard copies in stands around campus. Cal Poly Magazine issues include longer feature stories on interesting research, alumni interviews, large, full-color photos and videos accompanying some stories.

Cal Poly News

Our university news website, which is continually updated, tells current stories of Learn by Doing on campus. Those can include interesting classes, a current issue a student is tackling head-on, fascinating fieldwork and collections of photos from events around campus.

Writing Your Own News Stories

Looking for more information on how to create your own news stories? We have built resources to help you out.