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Brand Guidelines

Our Brand tells our story

Our brand is the collective perception people have about us. Every time we communicate, people form opinions about Cal Poly based on their interactions with us. If those interactions are consistently rooted in our brand strategy, messaging and visuals, our audiences will understand and remember who we are, what we do and why it matters.

Using the Brand

University Communications and Marketing has created tools to help you implement the Cal Poly brand across a variety of marketing and communication mediums. Consisting of three elements, the platform outlines the concepts behind the brand, while the writing guide and visual identity information provide specific use cases and resources. 

Overview of the Cal Poly campus

Brand Platform & Position

Our brand platform provides a practical, real-world system of design and messaging through which we communicate to the world our Learn by Doing brand identity. When done consistently, this increases our national recognition and Cal Poly brand loyalty. 

Learn more about the brand

A person reads an issue of the Cal Poly Magazine featuring John Madden on the cover

Writing Guides

A brand carries the power to shape perceptions. Writing with a single, unified voice reinforces those perceptions, which assures our audiences feel connected to and understand Cal Poly's authentic Learn by Doing identity. 

Learn how to write about Cal Poly

Flat lay of Cal Poly products

Visual Identity

Our logo, typography, colors and graphics are the visual elements that were specifically chosen to reflect our Learn by Doing identity. Used together, they visually showcase and strengthen our Cal Poly story.

Learn how to use our Visual Identity