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Digital Projects

Digital First

More people will experience Cal Poly online than in person. Our online offerings are often people's first impressions of who we are. When you begin a project, start with the digital aspect first. Invest in strategy and planning up front to start out on the right foot.

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Web STrategy

Get the resources you need for digital strategy, content creation, SEO, UX and analytics.

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Email and Newsletters

Access best practices for writing content, design guidelines, accessibility and legal requirements.

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Social Media

Leverage resources for plans, policies, profile and cover images, accessibility and best practices. Access Social Media Directory.

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A Smart Plan Up Front Makes All the Difference

Your goals and purpose matter

Before you begin a digital project, you will need to strategize and plan out your content. Think about the purpose of the project, your target audience and what you want them to do. Consider the benefits and limitation of the digital space and how your audience will be interacting within it. By considering these things and completing a creative brief, it will help keep your content succinct and effective.

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