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Faculty Experts

The Commentary You Need

With more than 1,400 faculty members, we are able to offer numerous resources to working journalists seeking expert commentary on a variety of topics.

Featured Topic

Climate Change

Michael Boswell, the department head and a professor in the City and Regional Planning Department, is an expert on climate change planning and hazard mitigation.

Michael Boswell Faculty Profile

Prof. Michael Boswell shows fellow faculty a report

More Featured Topics

Professory Aydin Nazmi works with students during the coronavirus epidemic


An associate professor in our Food Science and Nutrition Department, Aydin Nazmi is an epidemiologist and public health expert.  

Aydin Nazmi Faculty Profile 

A portrait of Professor Michael Latner against Cal Poly foliage


An associate professor of political science, Michael Latner is an expert in voting rights, political participation and electoral system design. 

Michael Latner Faculty Profile

The burned landscape of Swanton Ranch after the massiv wildfire


Chris Dicus, a professor and certified senior fire ecologist and professional forester, is our resident wildland fire expert. 

Chris Dicus Faculty Profile

more Topics, more Experts

Below is a list of experts on various topics in alphabetical order. If you don’t see the topic or expert you’re looking for, please contact us.

Area of Expertise


Astronomy David Mitchell
Automotive Safety Charlene Birdsong
Biomedical Engineering Lily Laiho

Michael Whitt
Climate Change Michael Boswell
Computer Science Zoë Wood
Construction Management Philip Barlow
Cybersecurity Zachary Peterson
Entomology David Headrick
Food Pricing Ricky Volpe
Geology and Earthquakes John Jasbinsek

Robb Moss
Immigration Philip Williams
Landscape Architecture David Watts
LGBTQ Mental Health and Wellness Jay Bettergarcia
Marine Sciences Benjamin Ruttenberg
Marketing Greg Steinberger
Media Katya Cengel
Memory Kelly Bennion
Music Alyson McLamore
Nutrition Aydin Nazmi
Obesity Suzanne Phelan
Plants and Soils Nishanta Rajakaruna
Politics Michael Latner
Power and Energy Patrick Lemieux

Public Health Aydin Nazmi

Jafra D. Thomas

Alison Ventura
Reptiles and Amphibians Emily Taylor
Science and Entertainment David Kirby
Technology Ethics Patrick Lin

Ryan Jenkins
Traffic and Transportation Engineering Anurag Pande
Trees Matt Ritter
Water, Irrigation Stuart Styles
Wildfires Chris Dicus
Youth and Popular Culture Emily Ryalls