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Merchandise and Trademark Licensing

our brand and its trademark

Cal Poly's Learn by Doing philosophy has led to academic acclaim and given us an outstanding national reputation. Our trademark licensing program protects and promotes this reputation on products that use our trademarks, logos, insignias, seal, designs and symbols. 

Merchandise design Standards

Products and merchandise connect our audiences to our brand and leave lasting impressions. Your designs must follow our brand guidelines, be high quality and portray the image of Cal Poly appropriately. Learn how to use our name, logos, marks and colors on various merchandise items.

Merchandise guidelines

Students hold two Cal Poly branded mugs toward the camera.

Ordering Process

Take the following steps to make sure you are in compliance with the trademark licensing process.

  1. Select an approved vendor. Approved vendors are licensed to manufacture and sell Cal Poly merchandise.
  2. Select your product. Discuss the product specifications and imprint area sizing to see what’s possible with a particular product and logo or design.
  3. Obtain pricing and arrange payment. Royalty fees only apply when university funds are NOT being used to purchase the product or if you are reselling the merchandise or given away free with purchase. If you are using Cal Poly funds, using the merchandise internally or as a straight giveaway, the sale is exempt from royalty fees. Royalty fees apply to all student organizations and individuals purchasing merchandise for private use.
  4. Supply the vendor your artwork. You will need to provide the vendor with an official Cal Poly-approved logo or full design for your merchandise. Make sure you follow brand standards and our merchandise guidelines. We are happy to help you with your designs.
  5. Receive a mock-up from your vendor. The vendor will supply a mock-up on the desired product, and in many cases, will submit the mock-up for final approval. When they receive approval, they will produce and deliver the product.
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All student-run organizations must submit their vendor’s mock-up through CP Now for University Communications and Marketing approval. Log in using your Cal Poly credentials, navigate to the Forms section and use the Trademark Licensing Request Form. If any changes are required, you will upload revised designs until approval is obtained. Once approved, you can notify the vendor to proceed. ASI will have visibility to the approval for reimbursement purposes. Staff orders for departments should follow the steps outlined above.

Choosing a Licensed Vendor

Vendors must be licensed to manufacture and sell Cal Poly merchandise. Using a licensed manufacturer ensures quality, consistency and appropriateness of design on the goods. We monitor the commercial and internal use of our trademarks through a partnership with CLC - Learfield IMG College.

Find a licensed vendor

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Things to Remember


The production of some merchandise will result in a royalty fee of 9%. This includes products being resold or given free with a purchase, products purchased by student clubs or organizationss or products purchased by individuals for personal use. However, products are exempt from royalites if they are purchased with university funds and being used internally or if they are given away with no purchase required.  


Becoming a Licensed Vendor

If you would like to produce Cal Poly merchandise and are interested in obtaining a license, you must complete a process with the College Licensing Company (CLC). This process may include submitting product samples, price lists and other relevant information and may take several months. 

Merchandise and Product Policies

Policies have been put in place by our Trademark Licensing office to maintain the integrity of our brand. There are limitations on products that can be produced and the way our trademark can be used.