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Sponsored Portal Announcements


A Sponsored Portal Announcement (SPA) is a great way to amplify your marketing campaign on the My Cal Poly Portal. SPAs are located at the top of the portal and include an image and button, giving you prime space to showcase your event, announcement or other information of high interest to our campus community. 

Submission Guidelines

Sponsored portal advertisements are only available for on-campus organizations and are given preference for posting based on the following order of importance:

  1. Messages from departments, divisions or offices critical to the entire campus community (emergency messages, urgent deadlines, etc.)
  2. Messages applicable to a majority of campus constituencies.
  3. Messages applicable to a majority of a specific campus constituency.

Announcements need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the requested post date and include ALL materials/artwork. Exceptions to this deadline will be made at our discretion. 

Ad Specifications

Your ad will need to include the following:

  • Title of Ad:

    Your title should be around 25 characters (with spaces). This text will appear on top of your photo
  • Image:

    You are responsible for creating artwork. We prefer that you upload your image on a secure website (such as your own) and we will then reference to the link of the image. If you are not able to do this, you can email us your image.

    For Images:

    Your image will need to be 640px wide. The height can vary, but it needs to be no larger than 400px. If the image is square or needs to be small, give the image a solid background color, let us know what it is and the background can expand. 

    For Video: 

    Aspect ratio: 16x9 (this is the YouTube aspect ratio). You can provide video links to YouTube or Vimeo, but we don't embed video.
  • Header:

    Your header will appear directly under your image in bold. It can be up to 55 characters (with spaces).
  • Body Copy:

    The body copy will appear directly under your header. It can be up to 500 characters (with spaces).
  • Call-to-Action Text/URL:

    A call-to-action button will appear under your body copy and link off to your supplied url. 
  • Preferred Start/End Date (maximum of 3-4 days)
  • Target Audience: Are you looking to target Students (including continuing education students), Faculty (including instructors), and/or Staff (including State, Corporation, and ASI).

Submitting Your Request

To submit a request, you will need to complete a Sponsored Announcements Request Form.


For questions or comments, contact Keegan Koberl in University Communications and Marketing.


Have something you need to announce to campus? Campus Announcements on the portal are also available for you to reserve.