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Cal Poly Report Submission Guidelines

The Cal Poly Report is our official employee newsletter, providing university news and listings for sponsored or sanctioned Cal Poly events. We publish the Cal Poly Report every Wednesday except during academic breaks. The newsletter is published monthly during summer quarter.

Submitting Your Listing

Your text, photos and designated approval form (if applicable) will need to be emailed to us with the subject line "For Cal Poly Report" by 5:00 p.m. the Thursday before publication beginning April 25

Submissions received after the deadline will be published in the next available issue. Submissions may run only one time, with the exception of Catastrophic Leave drive announcements and Employment Opportunities, which can run up to two consecutive weeks. Items are strictly limited to 100 words and should, whenever possible, provide a single link to further information online. All announcements, events and other listings and information must be faculty- and/or staff-focused.

Text Format

Keep submission text as brief as possible and include a link where readers can find more details. Text should list the most important items first (name of event/guest, time, date, day and location), followed by a brief summary, contact details and link. Your listing must be no more than 100 words. We may edit submissions for length, style, clarity and consistency.


Your submission doesn't need to have an image. In fact, no image is better than the wrong image.

What's the right image? Try to choose images that are easily visible when sized down for the online newsletter. High-resolution photos are preferred.

  • Use photographs or illustrations
  • Avoid written information on your image
  • Avoid logos
  • Never use your department logo
  • Do not use versions of your flyer
  • We will crop to a standard format, typically a variation of a 4x6 image
  • Headshots should be cropped without too much extraneous background

Size your image. The Cal Poly Report uses three sizes generally. Dimensions are:

  • Rectangle: 72 DPI. Portrait orientation is 600px by 900px. Landscape orientation is 900px by 600px. 
  • Square: 72 DPI. 600px by 600px.
  • Full Column (only approved on a special basis): 72 DPI. 1600px by 900px or 900px by 507px

To ensure accessibility, please include alt text to be used for your image. This is a brief description of the image. You can read more about writing your alt text, and much more, on Cal Poly's accessibility page. 

Designated Approvers

All items need to be submitted directly by your division's designated approver or contain a signed approval form (download links below the list).

President’s Office

Academic Affairs

Keegan Koberl: [email protected] | 805-756-5062

Administration and Finance

Cindy Pilg: [email protected] | 805-756-2171


Connor Leary: [email protected] | 805-756-0275

Ernesto Perez: [email protected] | 805-756-7297

Cal Poly Partners

Aaron Lambert: [email protected] | 805-756-5856

Kassidy Church: [email protected]

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stephanie Zombek: [email protected] | 714-401-2371

Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Nick Wilson: [email protected] | 805-235-8008

Eileen “Odie” Vavra: [email protected] | 805-471-0696

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Haley Marconett: [email protected] | 805-756-2933

AnnMarie Cornejo: [email protected] |805-756-2933

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Alex Flores: [email protected] | 805-756-7444

College of Engineering

Charlotte Tallman: [email protected] | 805-756-6402

College of Liberal Arts

Cara King: [email protected]

Orfalea College of Business

Pat Pemberton: [email protected] | 805-235-0555

Faculty Staff Associations

Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI)

Megan Rivoire: [email protected] | 805-756-2250

Information Technology Services

Alison Robinson: [email protected] | 805-756-2560

International, Graduate and Extended Education

Britta Numair: [email protected] | 805-756-7608

Kennedy Library

Shelly Kurkeyerian: [email protected] | 805-756-2374

Danielle Dilger: [email protected] | 805.756.2345

Research and Economic Development

Allie Walter: [email protected] | 805-756-5313

Strategic Enrollment Management

Includes: Admissions, Data Management, Financial Aid, Institutional Research, and Institutional Effectiveness

Colleen Kasel: [email protected]

Student Affairs (including ASI)

Cynthia Lambert: [email protected]

University Communications and Marketing

Sasha Palazzo: [email protected] | 805-756-7155

University Development and Alumni Engagement

Sarah Thien: [email protected] | 805-756-5747

University Personnel

Includes: Academic Personnel, Civil Rights and Compliance, Human Resources, and Employee and Organization Development

Lauren Daly: [email protected] | 805-756-0802

Download the Approval Form

PDF format

Microsoft Word format

Past Issues of the Cal Poly Report

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