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Brand Management

Consistent visuals and messaging are critical to maintaining the integrity of the Cal Poly brand and will help us achieve our goal of greater national recognition. Our team provides the campus guidance and services to manage the way we communicate our brand out to the public.

Brand Review

All marketing and communications materials that will be viewed by an external audience must align with our brand and undergo a brand review process with our team. Our brand review policies will help you decide what to include in your project and guide you through the brand review process.

Merchandise and Trademark Licensing

Our team manages our trademark licensing program, which protects and promotes the use of the Cal Poly name, logos and brand marks on merchandise and other retail products.


Navigating the brand can be confusing at first, but there‚Äôs no need to fret! Our team regularly conducts trainings and has many resources you can take advantage of as you complete your project.