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The Cal Poly Brand

Our Brand tells our story

Our brand is the collective perception people have about us. Every time we communicate, people form opinions about Cal Poly based on their interactions with us. The more consistent and confident we are when telling the Cal Poly story, the better our audiences will understand and trust what we have to say.


platform and Strategy

What separates Cal Poly from the hundreds of colleges and universities in California and the thousands of institutions across the country? What do we do differently than all the rest of them? Based on comprehensive discovery and research, we built our Brand around our greatest and most impactful asset — Learn by Doing. 

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Using Our Brand

We have put together tools to help you use the Cal Poly Brand across a variety of marketing and communication mediums. 

Writing About the Brand

The way we talk about Cal Poly guides how people think about us. Consistency builds understanding and trust and our guidelines help us tell the same story. When writing on behalf of our university, it is important to pay attention to our messaging standards, stick to our brand voice and follow our editorial style. 

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Download logos, fonts and other brand graphics for your marketing and communication materials. We have also created branded templates including letterhead, flyers and more to help you easily produce some of the items that you need the most. 

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