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Merchandise Guidelines

We have approved a variety of ways to use our name, logos, marks and colors on various merchandise items. 

The Basics


The logo you will use will be dependent on the size and color of your product. You may also choose to use your lockup

Examples of all of the different types of logos that can be used on printed goods and merchandise.


If applicable, the preferred university names must be used. 


Merchandise must also use our color palette unless you've obtained an approved exception.

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Types of Merchandise


For chest locations, the Alternate University Logo is always used, with the name of the college/department/unit underneath.

A sweatshirt and vest with the Cal Poly logo embroidered on them.
Example of embroidery on the left side

The other option is to split the embroidery and feature the logo on the right with the college/department/unit name on the left or sleeve. This provides more emphasis on the unit name and allows the logo to be slightly larger, resulting in the best quality.

Polo shirts with the Cal Poly logo and department/unit names separated.
Example of split embroidery on a polo shirt. 

College/department/unit names should be typeset in brand fonts to replicate the official lockups. Use Utopia for Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Sub-Brands, Use Source Sans for Affiliate Sub-Brands. For instances where the embroidery area is smaller than the minimum logo size, the shield and wordmark may be split with approved layouts from University Communications and Marketing. 

University Logo

Minimum Size: 6.26" wide x 1.5" high

(Shield height = 1.5" with licensee enlarged text during digitizing) 

Alternate University Logo

Minimum Size: 3.17" wide x 2.25" high

(Shield height = 1.5" with licensee enlarged text during digitizing) 

Promotional Products

While you may choose from a variety of logos and lockups for printed materials, the following minimums must be met:

University Logo

Suggested Minimum Size: 2.09" wide x 0.6" high

(Shield height = 0.6")

Alternate University Logo

Suggested Minimum Size: 1.27" wide x 0.91" high

(Shield height = 0.6")


Suggested Minimum Size: Shield height = 0.6"

Examples of promotional materials including a lanyard, hat, pen, bag, water bottle, planner and pennant.

Table Drapes & Canopies

Table Drapes and canopies must always feature the university logo or your division lock-up. You can also add your unit's name for more customization. 

Table Drapes and Canopy examples
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Tips and Tricks

To ensure the best reproduction quality, promotional items should adhere to the minimum logo sizes. Licensed vendors will provide recommendations on products and manufacturers that meet our requirements and quality standards.

If the image area on a desired product is smaller than the logo or sub-brand lockup requirement, consider these options:

  1. Choose a larger size of the product with an image area that meets the minimum requirement
  2. Break the Shield and Wordmark lockup on two sides of the product as approved by University Marketing
  3. Use all text with the University name typeset in Utopia Bold combined with college/department/unit names typeset in Utopia for Primary, Secondary or Tertiary sub-brands and in Source Sans for Affiliate sub-brands to replicate the official lockups