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Logo Lockups

Logos and Lockups

The Cal Poly logo is considered the university's primary logo. The logos specific to colleges, divisions, departments, centers of excellence and affiliate organizations are called lockups because they incorporate specific details locked up with the shield and wordmark.

Division, Department or Affiliate Lockups

Our system of sub-brand lockups reflect the university’s organizational hierarchy. They are unified and consistent and convey a cohesive brand. Lockups should be used in the same way that the university logo is used, except that it should never be used online. On your websites or other digital spaces, always use the Cal Poly logo without a lockup.

Cal Poly Shield and Wordmark with the addition of the Division name

Primary Sub-Brand Lockups

Theatre and Dance department logo

Secondary Sub-Brand Lockups

Cal Poly Shield and Wordmark with the addition of the affliate name

Affiliate Brand Lockups

Other Logos

We recognize our formal partnerships and programs with organizations through varying logo treatments. If you have a need to visually represent a relationship with a formal partner, program, etc., contact University Communications and Marketing to request an official treatment. Please do not attempt to create a treatment yourself.

Lockups for the various colleges, divisions, departments, tertiary and affiliate brands are available via the lead communicator of each area.