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The Cal Poly Name

Our Name is Important

Brand consistency starts with the correct and repeated use of our name. 

Our Preferred Name(s)

When communicating about campus, use the following:

  • Cal Poly  
  • California Polytechnic State University  

When communicating with an audience who may need clarification on the location of our campus (for example in Southern California), use one of these secondary name options: 

  • Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo 
  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA 

If you want to add the location to a reference used within text or narrative, you can phrase the name as “Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo” or “California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.” However, these forms should not be used in titles, heads or other key identifiers. 

How Not to Use Our Name

Our name should never appear as: 

  • Cal Poly State University 
  • Cal Poly State 
  • Cal Poly SLO 
  • CalPoly 
  • California Polytechnic University 

Inconsistency in how we refer to the university name weakens our brand, confuses our audiences and appears uninformed. Anyone working on content or design for marketing and communications projects — those subject to brand review or not — must make sure every reference to the name is clear and correct. 

Did You Know?
The names, California Polytechnic State University and Cal Poly, are actually protected by a state statute. This statute also prohibits the external manufacture, use, display or sale of products featuring these names without the written consent of the university. This is managed under Trademark Licensing.  

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