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News Release Distribution Guidelines

Have interesting or impactful news that you want to share to a wider audience? We are here to help get your story told locally, nationally or even globally. 

Submitting Your News Release

All campus news releases must be approved and distributed by our office. You will need to submit the information for a news release to your college or department communicator or directly to our office for consideration. News releases should be about one page. On occasion, highly newsworthy items may justify a longer release. If so, we will contact you for more information. We require three to five working days to review all release requests. 

Good topics for news releases include:

  • Cutting-edge research projects.
  • Unique or impactful Learn by Doing projects or programs.
  • Community service programs or projects.
  • Regional, state or national awards or grants for faculty and staff members or students.
  • New academic programs or majors.
  • Workshops, seminars and lectures (open to the public) by interesting speakers or on interesting, timely topics.
  • Performances by faculty or student groups (orchestras, dance, etc.).

Submit Your News Release Request